We recently installed high speed internet at our backwoods country home and tho everything else seems to be working non of the browsers I've tried on my desktop have worked properly.

my desktop is Windows XP Media Center. I have tried IE, Firefox, and Opera.

IE will load the first homepage (gateway) but will then close when trying to load other pages
Firefox starts but then immediately shuts off with a error report box
Opera simply doesn't load pages, it doesn't crash like the others but i can never get to any web pages and the "kill the webpage" or "wait" selection appears.

hi,did the computer work on the internet [like dialup ]before you had high speed installed

we started having these problems with dial up but at the time I thought it was just the dial up being a PITA

did you try safe mode with networking ,hitting f8 on startup .do you have antivirus program on the computer to run and check for viruses

sounds like it could be malware/trojan/virus problem .Check out our virus section ,i guess you'll have to download the programs suggested on another computer to run them .
follow instruction carefully .

I am running Trend Micro on both this laptop and the desktop, the virus protection was not up to date when the issues started. Tho Trend Micro can connect and update to the internet on the desktop and it hasn't alerted me to anything.

I will get to work on your suggestions.

Thank you i didn't need to go any farther than the Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool It found a Trojan and deleted it and now everything works perfectly.

great, happy computing

Just a tip, remember to keep your anti virus always up to date for the latest protection. Just to be on a safe side you might want to update your virus definitions and scan again in case the trojan remains. Cheers.

Another tip: you may need to do periodic scans to endure your PC is safe

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