how many? Will I.T. survive?

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Well if you go with the noah idea, that the 1 ark was able to 2 two of every animal on the planet. We would only need one to fit all of humanity. As there is current around 8.7 million species of animals. Multiply that by two, thats 19.4 million animals. However to allow for the size differences such as insects and so on, I would say a save bet would be 3 arks, for the humans. All other animals DNA and plant matter is secure in vaults which can be retrieved later, no point building more arks for them.

However this is just an estimate :D

There will be no arks since its the end of the world. The end will come due to our sun exploding or collision with an asteroid, not because of a flood.

Will I.T. survive?

If most of the people in this forum survives it will ;)

I think that if the end is really coming, nobody will survive.
First, the heat will kill anybody even those underground, and if for any reason somebody survived, the dust cloud will stop the sun from heating us, so will die from cold.
At least, that's what i think will happen.
The best chance of survival is to quit the earth forever but that's impossible.
Also, if the asteroid is 500m wide and is traveling a 60 km/h, the energy from the impact is equal to the energy released by all the nuclear weapons on earth, so its nearly impossible to survive after an impact like this.

how many? Will I.T. survive?

are you kidding?
when the meteor crashes, the sun toasts us all, they finally drop 'the bomb', there'll be nothing but cockroaches. And possibly Windows OS, but, when I think of it ... Aren't they related somehow? :)

lol @ 'nothing but cockroaches. And possibly windows OS'

what i am actually worried about is heat from the main solar flare chamber of the sun finally aiming at the earth for the first time in thousands of years(the sun spins). that heat will not burn us, but the magnetoshpere will transfer the heat to core. and this will cause all sorts of problems(polar ice melting, etc). i will be watching the northern lights in December for sure, if i can. :)


good as a number as any!

skilly: 42 is not a number, it's the meaning of life :)

commented: ... the universe, and everything ;) +0

that's not a question!

-edit- i read the first and last of those 6 Douglas Adams' books. the question is...silly.
someday i want to read the four books in between.

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