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Hi all,

New guy here, a bit of background on me first. I'm a 19-year old community college student in San Diego, and I just took the position of IT manager at a local company that wholesales sunflowers to many international store chains (both small and large). Prior to this, I worked as a computer tech (under the title of "IT Consultant") for a local IT consulting firm.

I'm looking for some input regarding IT education. My first question is regarding my current schooling. As mentioned above, I'm currently going to a local community college. I'm studying part-time, with a major in Computer Network Administration. The school's networking program makes students choose 2 out of 3 of the following "concentrations":


I've gotten mixed input on which routes to follow, and would like to check with a wider audience. More information regarding the specifics of the concentrations can be found here:

Now, eventually, I'd like to go on to earn a 4-year degree, and this brings me to my second question. I know for a fact I'm not a fan of computer science / engineering. I simply don't have the brain for either. I've always been interested in pursuing a business degree with an MIS specialty (one example is Washington State's BBA in Management Information Systems - Some people that I've talked to say an MIS degree is great, while others say they're worthless. I've also had someone say that since I'm already pursuing an associates degree in computer network administration, combining that with a bachelors degree in business administration (as well as certifications) would be just as good, if not better, since the associates degree goes much more in-depth on the technical side than an MIS degree will. Any input here would be great!

What say you all?