Ever wondered what happened to all the oldies who didn't go corporate? Well, now you know! We grew with the tide, learned ASP and VB and C++ and, and, and....

Some of us still do all of it - I've been around since computers had tubes (Bendix G-15...) and have been a mainframer since the 360 days - but also build servers, maintain and administer Novell, Microsoft and Linux servers, have worked with OS/2, write REXX and Clarion when I need things. Keep on doing new things - keeps me marketable.

Mainframes are still the best servers around, though....

Ah the good old days.... IBM 360 that occupied the space required by a factory boiler room, and had less processing power than a pocket calculator nowdays. Always been scared of becoming another boring old man who remembers when - but how many youngsters know how to use a hex editor to debug problems?

Hi new here to but ill say welcome anyway

Thanks for the welcome, do we have another oldie here?

Online since 95 making money yes, i have been around for some time