Does any body know how to access files on a hard drive that are pass word protected. The problem is I hooked my old hard drive into my new computer as a slave and it will not let me access user files. When I had my old hard drive in I had my computer password protected so nobody could view my personal files like my pictures, my documents, etc. So now I want to take does files from the old hard drive and put them on my new hard drive. HOW DO I DO THIS!!! SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Put your old hard drive back in your old machine, (I hope you still have it, and that you can boot with it!), then turn OFF whatever password protection you turned on, so that the files are unencrypted. Then you should be able to put the drive onto your new machine without problems.

How exactly did you password protect the drive? That is, what program/process did you use?

How did you encrypt the files. Did you use Windows encryption or did you password protect the bios? How you access the files is dependant on how you encrypted it.

What operating system were you using on the old drive and what one are you using on the new one?

Theoretically, you should be able to access the old drive through Windows Explorer if you are logged in to the new machine as an administrator.

Can you see the files but not access them, or can you not access the drive at all?

Hi all,

When looking for threads in which to assist, please check the dates on the threads before posting to them. Threads such as this thread, which have been inactive for 6 months or more, are usually abandoned. The member who originally posted the problem is not likely to respond, so adding replies to such threads only distracts our efforts away from those who could currently use our help.


I didn't even look at the original post bad.

No problem- It's easy to miss, especially if someone else has already recently "resurrected" the thread.
Thanks for understanding, though. :)

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