Hi guys just wanted to ask if you can help me come up with a good information system idea. I was thinking of developing an inventory system but our professor told us that this is so usual already and that he wanted us to think of another, other proposals that he has rejected are car parking system and enrollment system. Any more ideas you have there guys? please let me know. thank you I will truly appreciate it. :D

how about a forum? or, a service ticketing system with work flow.

Before I retired I developed a process inventory system. We had hundreds of processes that were interconnected and trying to troubleshoot the system when there was a breakdown was a nightmare. My boss (an electrical engineer) preferred multi-page flowcharts that looked like circuit diagrams with lots of off-page connectors (a nightmare to navigate). I developed a database with a GUI. A node was a process, a data source or a data sink. Each node (unless terminal) had one or more inputs and one or more outputs. Select a node and all of the inputs and outputs are shown. Double click on any input or output and that becomes the new current node with appropriate inputs and outputs shown. Each node had one or more text fields containing info such as a contact telephone number, troubleshooting hints, etc. Following processes back and forth to determine a problem area was made much easier. If I had developed custom monitoring tools, these could also be invoked from the GUI. I retired before I was able to enhance the GUI to display the connections in grapahic rather than text form. Nodes might also link to a database of prior outages for that node.

Health record system.
Forensic information system (store information about suspects and evidence and various tests/interviews).
Farm information system - integrate weather, geography, crop information, available pesticides/fertilizers, etc...
Airport information system -> departing/arriving flights, security staff, available/busy gates, etc...

Some form of recipe or food menu system? It could provide information about fool or meal properties, highlighting or recommending food combinations. It could involve multicultural dishes. So, you feel like some Salmon for dinner, what would go with Salmon? You have friend visiting who happens to be vegetarian, how could you help them enjoy a meal that goes beyond a few peeled carrots on a plate? What different ways can a particular food be cooked?

Or, you could do something similar with computer parts. For example, your customer wants a particular graphics card that he read about in a computer magazine that would be perfect for a game, or high-end video editing software. Which motherboards would this video card run on? (But, as you will know, Computer hardware comes and goes very quickly.)