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I don't know how much support we can give you on this, because we don't know what your interests are, or, what technologies you are into.

Have you done any work with API's? Understanding or using them. These seem to be highly used recently, so maybe base a project around API data?

Are you in a University or College? Maybe have a look around the University/College and see what could be improved in terms of data / information.

Hope this helps


Hi, I'm a university final year student. And nope haven't done API.

I was given a title of a possible project called Web Application Server and was told that I would be expected to implement a web service running locally on my own laptop/machine using the IDE NetBeans and Java.
Guessing it would require me to create a application which can be put in to a application server, but the problem is I don't know what kind of application I should do.
If you could give me suggestions on this then that would be awesome.


Here are some ideas...

typical student projets... service request system, inventory system, online store, etc..


Yes, look at enrolement. How does your CURRENT University enrol students? Is it good, or can it be improved? If so, how? Can enrolement be completed online, for instance using a form? Can you therefore have QR codes that can somehow read in from your mobile from and activate enrolement around campus?

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