For the last 30 years, I've made my living as a photographer. These days, I'm also a speaker, author, The X Factor guest, and a geek for WordPress web design and SEO, which is how I found all of you. I look forward to sharing what I've learned the hard way and learning things from all of you that might make things a bit easier.

To answer your first question: No, I am not a spambot...

Welcome Brian! You will picture Daniweb the greatest resource for you :)

I noticed on your site you work with famous hollywood actors/musicians and other famous icons. Plus you write books, so you must be a successful photographer should I say?

By any chance were you a contestant on the X-factor or were you something else?

No chance of being a contestant on The X Factor unless they add a 'cheesy lounge singer' category. I appeared in season one of The X Factor (US) to photograph the 10 finalists and give them photo tips...

Oh that is awesome, i wish i can go there and watch the contestants perform. (My favorite ones are the ones where they are really bad and think they are amazing by being divas)

Did you ever get to meet the judges? If you did, you should ask them if they are willing to model for your next photshoots :)

BTW, i saw some of your photos on the site you provided, they are high quality portraits and I may consider reading one of your books (even though i am not a photographer, unless you count taking phone pics). You should do some nature shots... maybe of animals, insects, or plants? Or do autos :) I am getting a little carried away :)

Uhmmm portrait photography... What gear do you use Brain?

I'm not much into to portrait, prefer to do landscape and wild animals mostly hence my gear Canon 7d wirh 70-200mm and 100-400mm lenses. Just gave away my 500d with two smaller lenses to my cousin as she was really looking to move from compact to dslr. So for now I'm waiting to get my hands on latest Canon 24-70mm, but price is little high.

My favorite ones are the ones where they are really bad and think they are amazing by being divas

Yes, that would be my lounge singer voice, thank you...

I didn't meet any of The X Factor judges since they pre-taped my segment, but I did shoot former American Idol judge Paula Abdul for my book 'Art & Soul'. If you watched the show, she's exactly like you imagine.

Uhmmm portrait photography... What gear do you use Brian?

If I had to pick one lens for portraits it would be a 24-70/2.8

Pefect on the wide side for an environmental portrait that incorporates th "place" around the person. For tight portraits, I prefer shooting with a 70mm over more traditional "portrait" focal lengths like 85, 100 or 135mm, because 70mm gives you a more intimate feel like you're sitting across from the person.

I was one of the photographers that Sony contacted before they lauched their full-frame a900 in 2008. They actally listened to all the stuff we said and followed our suggestions. I've been using them ever since and I love their Zeiss glass.

welcome Brian ! you've got an interesting introduction and site, i enjoyed the photos :)

Welcome to the forums, Brian! I hope you have found this site interesting like I have!

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