hello there,

I need someone who can write some short articles and able to post it in social media and high pr blogs. article title should be like "where to get some awoseme wallpapers", "25 high resolution wallpapers" "some cool wide screen wallpapers" etc. please tell me where can I get the right person who can write and post.


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dude have you tried iwriter? You can ge fresh articles cheap there.

Or maybe hire a person who can do that for you, but it will cost you.

I think LinkedIn is a professional's platform so you should post your details over there regarding content writer, It may help you.

try guestbloggers, iwriter. the best is go and search on google

iwriter is the best place to get quality articles...but as you said you need them to be posted in different directories in that I would suggest you to submit your project to different outsourcing sites…explain what you need with a budget….you will get some great help and article writer with distributer there for sure…

Contact me.I have 8000 article database.

commented: yes, but those articles are probably 100 times sold, thus worthless. He needs original content. +0

I can help you. Please mail me at bestittechies@gmail.com.

You can also try Fiverr.com

Inline Code Example Here)Iwriter is a good choice,
you might also want to have a look at <a href="http://ezonlinewriter.com">this site</a>

I am able to write containt so you can contect with me.

I will suggest you to hire a SEO agency that will provide you the content writer as well as person to submit your article. SNIP

You can contact me for this at my mail address. hope that i can help you.

you can find some good articles writing tips here - www.aforartcles.in

well i help in promoting your articles or blogs and drive traffic from them to your site.

Go to freelencer and find good writer from there.

I think Iwriter is best for cheap price writer.

hey dud you join freelancer and pos your project... there are most quality writer waiting for project...

You can contact me, i have data base of mnore than 1000 articles. Otherwise post your require,ment upon Craiglist, NUkri.com or on other social networkingsites. IUf you are paying good, it is not a tough task at all.

You can go for article chief spinner, it helps you to create a unique article by spinning it's words.

While our company does offer content writing with rich seo implementation, I would recommend trying craigslist or freelancer.

And how do you expect high traffic blogs would publish your spammy-looking articles? Sorry, but in order to make them publish it, you'll need to pay. A lot.
Also, hire very good writers, if you want media to publish your articles. Good luck:)

you can choose n number of freelancing writers in a cost effective way...

You should try for Online content writer which can provide you articles at cheapest rate. Hiring a content writer can be a good decision but still it can be expensive. So i will suggest to get Content Online.

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