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Hello from Ernie, I am CEO of a (un-black-listed) Swiss based (One-Man, Nonbanker) Organisation. So much to the Sniffers!! I am retired and looking forward to realize a very old project of mine. I am trying to create a future-proof Perl/HTML/CSS Community/Commerce Platform.

I am using my good old, easy to 'learn and understand' EveryAuction 1.5x Perl Source as Motor and MODEL, in the way, style and use, of the Source. For a good decade, I downloaded what can be called to be the largest archive on EA-related software. It shall serve as code-source and history document of possibly a million or more hours, invested by peoples, trying to create the ultimate money-machine.

I want to pass this knowledge to the Community, combined with a clean programmed, basic, working Platform, for free. This is, what I can do, to help keep myPerl alive. I also hope, I can encourage others, to try - designing their own Platform, out of an easy understandable, still fully equipped and functional, basic Learning Software, proven and secure, yet enhanced by the exclusive 'MAD-DB' OEM Flatfile Indexing Technology.

Anyone is welcome to participate, as long as one does not have to hide her/his Idendity from me, I don't like to see my 'unaltered' Baby to be sold either! Sorry. Oldtimers , Perl Forever-Newbies (like me), there is room for Hobby-Coders with ambitions.

Welcome, you will find Daniweb a wonderful place to learn!

Hello and welcome. I just joined too. It sounds like you have a lot to contribute. Thanks for joining.

Hello and welcome!

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It sounds like you have a lot to contribute<

i am archiver only, contributions came from others. But the mass and quality of bundled EA Programmers-knowledge seemed too valuable, seeing it, just fading away into the Past. Particularly, because of it's ease for Newbie's to basically understand how Perl works.

PS. Sorry for my English...

Hello And Welcome Here

Welcome to the forums! I hope you find a lot of useful information on this forum! I am actually new to here myself, but have been browsing through categories and have read a lot of useful information!