:cheesy: Since well planning an exam is half winning? A well-planned strategy will just guide me to the right track as well as help me pass my exam. I have decided to take MCSE cert exam 70-270. Will any one just guide me how should I plan my exam.

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I see that this is a little late, but...

My strategy is to read a full-length technical certification book, something from Sybex generally. After that I will read a condensed book, something along the lines of a cram exam book. This way I get more than one author's take on the subject and one book will explain a few topics better than the other. After that I'll take the exam.

Right before the exam (2-3 hours before) I drive to the testing center and sit in the parking lot. I do this so I won't be worried about making it on time to the testing center and so I have time to get into the test taking mode. It helps to keep the stress level to a minimum.

I study the cram exam insert card and read through all the cram exam book's chapter questions. I don't try too hard to answer the questions, more of just see the question and see the answers. I found that if I tried to answer all the question it slowed me down too much and if I didn't get something correct I'd start to question my ability to take the test. You get enough wrong and you could be going into the exam with a negative attitude.

After I review the questions, I will take the remaining time to review sections in the cram book.

I will admit that I have never taken a test that I didn't already have hands-on experience with the content.

So far, I'm 5/5.

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