What are some strange habbits that you guys have grown up with/developed? Most likely laziness for many...

For me: my habbits are low amounts of sleep and OCD for Perfection, very rarely is laziness...

How about you guys?

I forget what I'm doing whilst doing it.

I scratch the skin off from around my fingernails.

I can't leave the house with bed hair.

If I'm going to have two of something, it must be a matched pair on their primary attribute.

Wow, I have some of your habits... guess most habits are natural for most people right?

I have no bad habits because I'm perfect in every way.

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That you are AD ;)

I have ADD, a short attention span, poor memory but an incredible focus. My work habits are terrible because if it is not 'right now and in my face' I forget about it. Sadly, this is even true for relationships, I actually forget people if I have not seen them for a week or 2 (this can really piss off a girlfriend to no end). The only reason Mrs. Grimjack and I lasted for 25 years is we lived together for that time. She finally wised up and left me a couple months ago.

I started making glass beads again - I play hardcore industrial turned up really loud and i shout invective against the world while working with glass at 2200 F. For safety's sake, I don't drink or take medication until after I have made some beads (I lose interest after about doing 8 beads, anyway - my lastest venture is trying to make a glass pinky-ring, it is just a bead with a larger hole, it is tempering now so I won't see it until tomorrow)

Other than that, I am a pretty nice guy

ooh look shiny thing

I too have a horrible memory with names... I forget them maybe 5 minutes after talking with the person lol. So if I go during lunch in school to point a new kid, I'd normally say, "Hey there is the new guy, crap... what was his name, I was just talking to him".

I think there was a study done once saying that statistically the majority if not all computer programmers could be classified as autistic. When I ask people their first impression of me, this is generally one of the things they come up with!

I will google and see if I can find the article.

Hmmm, can't find it, maybe it was just a rumour...

I too have a bad memory for people's names and faces -- I don't remember a new person's name for more than a few seconds. One guy was very pissed off because I couldn't recall his name. But oh well, that's his problem not mine.

It's not so much that you can't remember names so much as you don't bother to remember them (my problem). I find that the best way to remember soneone's name is to immediately use it a few times. For example, when you are introduced to someone, instead of saying, "pleased to meet you", say, "pleased to meet you, Dave". If you work the name into the conversation a few times it will help to "fix" the name in your memory.

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I am an excessive neat freak. While my house is clean, my family members do not have this obsessive disorder so it drives me crazy and I have to bite my tounge when things are out of place, cup laying around, etc...

However, all of my personal spaces that I have full control over are generally in order. Over the years, different offices/office space I have had, I generally get a daily question like 'did you just move into this office', or 'I thought this office was unoccupied', or 'could you come to my house and help me clean it", or 'what's wrong with you?'.

I am also a neat freak :)

I'm at my computer all day, living my life on the internet.

I used to be like that in the 4th grade... except i lived on the internet studying some stuff and runescape lol... (i don't play anymore)

I used to play to! That's what originally first linked me to the internet which got my started with this stuff.

Same for me... the first thing (runescape) that i ever done on the internet (that actually kept me there for more than 30 mins). When i was young, i thought google wasn't a big thing... (boy, i was wrong!).

But hey, i quit Runescape after becomming level 116 and decided to dedicate mostly into sports (it explains my Michael Ray Garvin/Terrell Owens/the Superbowl Calvin Klein model body.), computer programming, trading, etc.

My most annoying habit (for me) is planning leisure activites that I know will probably never happen due to time constraints and other grown-up commitments. I think planning these things is now a leisure activity for me. And I'm not even talking about big events, I'm talking about playing xbox this evening. For maybe just an hour. I only seem to be able to find one hour a week for stuff like that now. I used to play FFXI online every evening and all weekend. I've not done anything like that for 5 years now.

One of mt habits is when I hang up a coat it always has to be zipped up or the top button buttoned if not it drives me nuts. lol
Mainly because it keeps falling of the hanger. :P

I am to lazy to zip up a coat when i hang it up :)

I am to lazy to zip up a coat when i hang it up :)

So am I :)

Most times by the time I get home from work I'm too lazy/tired/drunk (!all of the above!) to even bother to take the coat off, let alone hang and button/zip it! fortunately, living in Cyprus, I rarely have to wear one!

I am too lazy to shutdown my computer :)

Same, so I wrote an app on my phone that does it for me :)

I like everything to be at either a 90 or 45 degree angle, I am meticulous about detail and I hate sticky things (sticky jam jars, bovril/marmite etc.)

One other thing, I find it easier to work at night than in the day, which is why you shall probably find me working on a computer project at 03:00 in the morning.

I hate sticky things (sticky jam jars, bovril/marmite etc.)


One other thing, I find it easier to work at night than in the day, which is why you shall probably find me working on a computer project at 03:00 in the morning.

I agree to that :)

my bad habit is playing computer games for than 2-3 hours