i had a question on resume. i am tring to get a internship as java programemr. i have created some basic games using java/oop such as pong, breackout, and spaceship fighter.

should i put them in my resume? or those games are way too basic and i shouldn't put them on resume? what u guys think.

I wouldn't put them on your resume, but if they're good examples of your ability I'd include them in a project portfolio for interviews.

maybe as an example of applications that you did as hobby, but don't let it take a big part of your resume.

I second deceptikon on that, grab some screen-shots and some UML graphs, print them out, and pop them into a nice-looking sleeve that you can carry to the interview. Hand them to the interviewers at the start of the interview as a "here are some examples of my past projects" such that they can either look them through right away and inquire about them, or they can look through them during the interview as a visual aid.

There really isn't enough room on a resume to start elaborating too much on projects, and you can't really give them justice when you can't show visual aids like screen-caps and UML-like diagrams.

sound good. i did a project in c and unix. where i created a two pass assembler for a hypothetical computer called tmips. it was about 1000ish lines of code.

not sure if i should put that on bc i am applying for java postion not C.

If you are applying to a gaming company, you should show off those games but it is best to tell them that you are able to do whatever and then provide evidence of recent/current projects.