What webrowser is your best and what do you like most about it.


I use google chrome the most, but sometimes IE when I visit web sites that support only IE. I don't actually see much difference between the two.

My favorite browser is Chrome. Seems to render content fast, correct and seems to have the most support for HTML5/CSS3. I try to avoid IE at all costs. I'm not a Microsoft 'hater', MS has blessed me with a very fruitful career. I just do not care for IE. I started understanding why others were saying the same about IE once I started learning about web dev.

I am also a Chrome user. One of the reasons that I started using it was because my laptop has a relatively small screen size (1366x768) and Chrome is pretty minimal in terms of toolbars and so forth. It is one of the newest browsers and it has good HTML5 and CSS3 support. Initially, there were some sites that wouldn't work properly in Chrome (so I had to use IE) but I haven't seen any of that recently. It runs pretty fast (especialy at startup) compared to IE or Firefox.

As a developer I have done quite a bit of work using Chrome windows from Windows programs. You can configure the window pretty well using Chrome parms and display urls or your own output.

For a long time, I used Slimbrowser (which uses IE facilities in Windows). I don't like using the native IE as a browser and I like it even less when I'm building a website and having problems with making it compatable with IE. As a developer, I have used the underlying Windows facilities to automate the navigation through websites and screen scraping (using Autoit) and that part works well.

I will stand out say that I use Firefox. I can't point one thing out and say THAT'S WHY I use Firefox, but I will try to short it down as much as possible.

One of the reasons were that Firefox is open-source and non-profit. I know it's stupid but I trust Mozilla ten times more than I trust Google, Microsoft and Apple. They have nothing to hide and they care about the users. Another big reason is the endless possiblities of customizing it, you find millions of add-ons created for it and a lot of my everyday-use tools are simply add-ons for Firefox. It's great for web developers becuase of all the possiblities it gives you. Third thing is security.. You may think that Chrome and such have scored higher in tests and that's right, but Firefox is the safest browser when it comes to saving your passwords. It encrypts all passwords and makes it almost impossible to harvest the passwords. I can provide prove on this is somebody is interested.

What more is their to say, Firefox puts the possiblities and the freedom into your hands and I like the update cycle they releases updates much more frequently then Chrome, IE and Safari. I could go on and on with more tools and reasons for me to choose Firefox but I will stop here. Today choice of browser is pretty much based on personal preferences.

Chrome. Much more colourful than other browsers. Somehow faster than IE. Its got a great bookmark bar and most plugins are built in into the Chrome browser. Somehow feel at home browsing the net using chrome

lynx. I want only the information from the page, and I am offput by images, still expect punch cards paper tape
daniweb works well without any fancying up, some sites dont, then I drop back to IE
IE,Opera,chrome,ff, when I want to check the page I wrote works.
IE because of market share

still expect punch cards paper tape

I haven't worked with those since 1964!

I have edit strange /edit obsolete devices in my basement

I used to use IE. Then came the crashes in IE 6 or 7 (forgot). Tried firefox for a while. When chrome was released, I said to myself 'Move away from the mainstream'. I loved how fast it was compared to others and then I've been using it since. I tried eventual IE releases just to see each one. Bleh, crashes. Tried firefox 20 something on one of the school computers (we weren't allowed to install anything, and there was no chrome installed). Bleh, crashes worse than IE. Haven't tried other browsers.

I use a number of browsers for web dev and making sure they all work correctly. However; when ArchLinux was my primary OS, I <3'd conkeror. Since i've sold out, I use Chrome as my primary browser, because, why not?

I don't actually see much difference between the two

but i really see a lot . . .

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I have IE11, firefox and chrome - IE has been used mostly in office and when mozilla and chrome were unheard of. Firefox has been good too but gets a big thums up because it is open source and has a better privacy policies than others. However 99% of the time it is chrome becuase I am more used to it. I must admit though that there have been major improvement with the latest version of IE - One of them being the auto refresh which works in case you lost connectivity to internet.

I Like It's Speed and It has many Tools and Have many ad-ons.Mozilla is simply the Best :)

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Chrome - auto-update. Minimalism. Replication of bookmarks on diff PCs with Google - fantastic. Bad points - quite a few 'Snaps', 'extensions' often just links to websites, nothing more.

FF - extensions - BUT frustratingly old extensions don't always work with new versions, so mainly for testing these days :(

Opera - just for testing, but a nice enough browser
IE - just for testing - not a serious contender for everday browsing
Safari - used to be relevant :)

I am using Chrome and the best part of using this browser is that it is the fastest browser and top of it a trusted browser of Google...:)

those I use for myself:
- Chrome. user friendly, fast, and, let's face it, when you look at the resources it uses, it's clearly not one of Microsoft's CPU/Memory draining black holes.
- FireFox: those plug-ins do come in handy, not just for development, but, well... is there anything (except for making coffee) there hasn't been a FF plugin released for?

For work .. well, I can't avoid using IE from time to time, just to check whether the code 'll work on IE as well ... basically, the reason I use IE is because I am aware that IE is crap, and doesn't follow the same standards as other browsers do, which forces me to validate behaviour/layout for IE as well ..

do love the paradox, though... I use FireFox and Chrome because I know them to be good. IE I use for the simple reason that I'm aware it is bad. leave it up to Microsoft to convince us to use their software, not because it is good, but because it is bad ...