I have listed some hosting services. Can you please help me to choose better one?

  1. http://www.justhost.com
  2. http://www.bluehost.com
  3. http://www.jaguarpc.com
  4. http://www.znetlive.in
  5. http://www.bigrock.in

And of course GoDaddy

My needs are
1. Unlimited Space
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. Unlimited Email Addresses with Unlimited Email Storage size
4. Unlimited Domains & Subdomains
5. Unlimited Databases

Suggestions welcome.

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I am using both 1 and 2 and so far very content with both. Do note that "unlimited" often has some restrictions, so be sure to chat with their sales before you decide.

One that you don't have is http://www.site5.com which is what I use, and I think they rock.

Like pritaeas mentioned, there is no such thing as a "true" unlimited plan. Someone one could really exploit that if it were true.

I checked their UNLIMITED plans didn't find anything wrong.

Can you tell me whats wrong with UNLIMITED Plans. Now a days I'm seeing UNLIMITED Plan ads manytimes while surfing.

What about 3 & 4 and big one GoDaddy?

I didn't find any restrictions(except e-mail storage/account) with my 5 needs. Anything is hidden?

What points to ask when chatting with host support?

I think for justhost the limit is 1500gb, and it can only be websites related storage. Don't remember the bandwidth, but that was pretty high too. Maybe the terms were changed in the meantime, I don't keep up with those.

I think 3rd one is better little confused with 3,4 & GoDaddy

I've done business in the past with GoDaddy. Actually, I would rate them as OK. I've had some problems in the past and their support (Level 1) likes to quickly provide responses like "clear your cache" and other non-sense which I assume fixes a lot of peoples issues out there. Once you get to Level 2 or higher, they typically will help you get the problem fixed whether it be on your end or theirs.

I think their problem is that they are so huge and they need to service so many different types of customers that if you are a small business owner in the web dev space, you really need to partner up with a hosting provider that provides you with the best service possible.

Please give rating to, jaguarpc, znetlive, GoDaddy.

I think all these above have same UNLIMITED Plan

Which one should I choose?

there is one called mediatemple. there is one also called 000webhost. i would say Godaddy is best.

based on my experience with it.

compared to all the others i used... (mt), 000webhost, etc..

Instead of avoiding a full comparison, it would be helpful to the OP (and others) to know them (if you include why, even better).

okay, i will be honest... based on my experience godaddy is best based on others experience with go daddy, i am not sure. So really, it is all opinion on what is best... comparing a web hosting like comparing the best language (java, c#, etc.).

Am just asking, what are your reasons (based on your experience) to say GoDaddy is (much) better than 000webhost (or any oher you tried for that matter). Is it features, support, stability, speed, whatever? These is no reason to avoid an answer, it cannot be wrong (it's an opinion).

anyone have experience with jaguarpc & znetlive.in, znetlive.com?

znetlive.in have transfered their server from Singapore to US may this affect on performance ?

which one I choose? I have few days to decide. I'm asking because I have not so experience like you guys. So please help me.


znetlive.in have transfered their server from Singapore to US may this affect on performance ?

If your target audience is NOT in the US, then yes, it may affect performance.

nobody is talking about jaguarpc ? Is their any problem with this?
Why nobody wants to talk about them?

Why nobody wants to talk about them?

Perhaps nobody has used them. Doesn't necessarily mean they're bad.

I would be careful with unlimited plans as it can lead to the provider over subscribing their services leading to poor performance.

It also might be worthwhile analysing what resources you actually forsee using and basing it on that. If you're planning to sell web sites/services then getting yourself a dedicated server is probably a better idea. The outlay is large (a good server in the UK is about £70/month) but on that, you can decide what services to run and how heavy to subscribe your platform.

If it's just for your own development, then 5-10 SQL databases and ~5 subdomains would probably be enough, meaning you can use the money that you're paying to improve your box power or network speed.

It's good not to assume unlimited means good value as this will probably not be the case in most circumstances.

Hi Vizz,
In my opinion the 1st and 2 companies are good. I would like to share my experience that I have been using Host Gator for my website for years and I am pleased with their services and technical support. It is very good and reliable web hosting provider and has excellent features. They offer services like shared hosting, dedicated server and VPN hosting. It has good uptime, fast speed and at an affordable price.

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