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They've giving away all of our secrets! Now I have to destroy them with my orbiting brain lasers.

Linux is about 5 years away from becoming capable of going main stream. Right now, you do need to be a computer geek to run and use it. I liked that video becasue it is true. I have nothing against linux, it is just not quite there *yet* but it is making progress very quickly.

I read that five years ago.

Is that the endangered feline with the short tail?

I think it would be hard though, for linux to take over. windows is the main os and I'm sure will be for a long time, I don't think that in five years linux will go mainstream. the world isn't ready for linux. yet...

I didnt k now there was other oses than windows till i was 15 and now i am very competent linux user. I have had no problems with PC Linux OS or Ubuntu so whoever says linux isnt for the desktop needs to rephrase.

Linux is for some desktops. There are certain things it will NEVER do. I am a student and need to open/edit compklex access databases. Solution = windows. I also like to play games after school

However, for people who just surf the net, IM, type up things, edit images and listen to music etc...... (most of us) it is very good.

More of the people mentioned above would use linxux if there was

a: More linux OEM pc's
b: Non GPL Graphics Drivers Included In Distros - Come on FSF - you are shooting yourself in the foot!
c:Better printer support
d:Winmodem support

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