For those telecom / networking enthusiasts, Patexia has recently launched several contests in this area and offers $5000 to best answers. More details here:

That's a lot of work for a mere $5000.00, and an entry could possibly end up with just $500.00.

Add to this, that if an entry does all of this patent research for you, as well as their own contribution to this medium to high level research, they relinquish all rights to it, to you regardless if they 'win' or not.

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Actually it's not 5K, it's 80% of 5K with the rest being made up of $500 prizes. Contest ends today, so unless you've been working on it already, I can't see that you'd be able to get it done anyway.

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If you were referred, the referral prize ($500) will be paid to the referring user from the total prize pool of $5,000.