How about a social network for webmasters?

Will it work? Is there any money to be made from targeting such niche social network for webmasters?

I have a site webmasterpals.com targeting webmasters to promote, just sitting there without any promotion done.

how to promote such sites?

Any inputs much appreciated!

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dzone.com has similar concept, I think to start with you need to create a community of webmasters either through forums or other social networking sites.


You can promote on social sites or forum where people there are interested in that idea.


dzone.com has similar concept

DZone seems to be more geared towards programmers/developers than simple web designers.

With that in mind, I love DZone and go there far more than any other social bookmarking site. The rest are just a pot luck mix of crap, while at DZone I know I'll get stuff that I'm interested in.

So if you can get it going, then I think there's surely some traffic to be made. Niche bookmarking sites are far better in my opinion than general ones... but the problem is you need to get a critical mass of traffic before they get to be useful.

- Walkere


I belive he is trying to make a social bookmarking site which will only accept webmastery related resources.
This kind of bookmarking sites needs much effort to be established. Though there are many webmasters you will get who are interested to use Social Networking site like that. Me too. But controlling spam in a system like that demands good CMS and Quality Support people behind the service when it will be big and popular.


I have developer that kind of social network. Lets see where it will go. For now there are not many webmasters interested, but I will keep pushing.


You have to know what are really your goals. As I read comments from others here, they are confused with what exactly you are into. You need to know your goals for your site and also look for the target people. With that, you can assess if you need a social site, a forum or a bookmarking site.


Well hell yeah they need a social network for webmasters I think that's an awesome idea. That way running a social network can be beneficial and easier for all of us. Im new to the social networking game and boy I need all the help I can get Amen.

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