So, we all know about the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn but outside of the big four what are your favourite 'niche' social networks. By which I mean the social networking sites which address niche markets, which are growing quickly but have not yet really hit the media radar.

Please, don't make this a spam thread but rather a helpful resource list for other members.

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To get the ball rolling, here's one that's still in Beta but which I've gained access to today and looks like it could be interesting:


Some of the best ideas get lost in the noise of the web, yet ideas have changed the course of our history. Ideapod is a platform for thinkers and change makers to share ideas close to their hearts. It is a platform that creates movements and influences change. Ideas have the power to shift our perspective and bridge geographical and cultural divides through shared ideas. An idea can include urls, images and video, with text limited to 1,000 characters. Ideas can be related to each other, and organised around subjects that matter to you. While in beta, Ideapod has a global community of thinkers and change-makers contributing ideas.

Aside from the big guys, I don't really use any other social networks (unless if you called DaniWeb and other forums social networks). Sorry!

The Wikipedia page for social networks is pretty extensive, but I can't think of any that I really recommend.

But then, I am waaaaaaayyy behind the times anyhow. I haven't even joined Twitter yet. However, I am planning to change that and sign up within the week, to see what all the buzz is about.

I have been spending a lot of time in LinkedIn lately, but that is not an "off the radar" site.

Otherwise, I spend time in several forums, usually relevant to mathematics and numerical programming. Or some student sites, because I think they are the audience most likely to be interested in some of my programming activities.

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