viewed <M/>'s profile ... dude has 105 endorsements !
Congratulations :D

commented: Thanks, but i don't agree with that number... +0

As someone else on Daniweb has said, he gives a lot, he gets a lot :)

commented: Yep... who said that? +0

he probably didn't count back then , so he used "lot" instead .. :/
so who has the highest count anyway ?

I can't find a list of ranks in endorsements, but you can always see the members ranked by their post count, reputation and solved Q&As here

hmm.. i think i read somewhere that endorsements are treated as something detached from the ranking procedure . hence no list.

100+ endorsements, of which a at least 7 in each category are from a subset of accounts that appeared about 7 months ago, endorsed him and upvoted, and then became inactive again and haven't been seen since.

I did, indeed, say hmmmmmm. He gets a snotload of endorsements from new accounts that went inactive after they had served their purpose. Add to that the fact that for quite some time he was obsessed with

  1. becoming a moderator
  2. boosting his stats

I repeat, hmmmmmmm.

commented: ikr... hmmmmmmmm..... +0

Maybe he was playing a game of "Marco and Polo"?

well..... i feel like saying that my original post was only congratulatory in nature. just for the record.

Yeah... i was confused about it also, i started a thread a while ago and we found out there was a dude(s) in some other city about 20+ miles from where I live. So technically, i believe i am supposed to have half.