I belongs to a Website Design and Development Company. Always find people debating on the issue that whether a designer's job is important or a developer's...?

What do you say...?

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Both are important. Duh.

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They should rather spend their time debating on how they both can best work together to please the customer, as that is the one paying their salaries.

They should rather spend their time debating on how they both can best work together to please the customer, as that is the one paying their salaries.

I was talking about out there...general in communities...:)

Narue is still right, one cannot work without the other. The discussion is pointless.

Any developer you see working without a designer at his side is trying to make up his own designs (and is thus acting in 2 roles at once).
Some may be capable of doing this, most aren't.

Same with designers trying to make things without a developer to do the technical stuff.

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There is really no such notion of absolute utility of a position, there is only marginal utility. At some points on the (# developers, # designers) plane, adding a designer would give more benefit, while at others adding a developer would do so. For example, we might argue that at (0,0) it makes more sense to add a developer, since there'd be no hope of a project working with just a designer. However at some point like (10, 0) you really won't be helped by another developer but a designer would help a lot. Similarly, at (0, 1) it would certainly be better to add a developer instead of another designer, assuming making useful things brings value to the firm.

I find this a really interesting debate, obviously you can't have one without the other. I do both at my work and would like to think, as I studied them both for a long time that I am capable of both. However it's apparent to me that regardless you will still have one that you are better at. I prefer designing over the developing side of it because my skills are stronger there. But in business I personally think that the developers role is more important. The designer in essence makes the shop window bringing in initial customers, but site can't perform it will completely ruin the effort you put in getting the customer there. Nobody likes an unstable and unreliable site and are unlikely to stay on it long enough or return. If you do a really good job on either side then the contribution is equal but if you both do a bad job I think that the developers work would have a worse impression. There are plenty of websites which are designed poorly but do the job, it's a waste but it's not something you couldn't overlook if the site does what it's meant to

Nobody likes a poorly designed website.Similarly,good coding is required to make the website do its job.Both are important.

Both equally important

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