Hey guys…

Does anyone know the cheapest yet the best way to start offering hosting on one of my websites. I also want to start allowing people to register domains on the site as well. I would really like to start something like hostdime.com There services are awesome, and the company is pretty new…Can anyone advise me on how to start something similar?

Thanks to all who might reply.

Pretty sure this might be the wrong place to post, but I could find a better matched catagory on Daniweb, so sorry.

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Maybe you could start renting a dedicated server with centos, cpanel and webhost manager, and a billing script.

Best to get a hosting reseller account, it is easy to start hosting business.

get a reseller package with a good hosting company

Most reseller hosting packages come with billing software plus a domain reseller account.


well reseller hosting can facilitate you in this regard. get this package with reliable hosting company. With the help of which you can start your business.

Digital Point or Tycoon Talk. are two options for you.

Choosing Reseller hosting is very important job, choosing the right provider is another most important job in the next que. I recommend that you choose a country provider, for example if you are living in India choose Indian web hosting, so you can grab more customers by that way.

To have both Hosting and Domain registrations, try choosing a web host such who offer both in one place. for example, you can choose Hostocol, they offer both reseller hosting and domain registrations.. check their plan if you are planning to take... Click Here

first you have to make a platform then you have to agreement with the reseller then you can start your own company

are you providing a free web hosting also?

i must say if dont know about hosting then dont invest any peny. because there are so much hosting provider which are giving best servieces with live support. if you are alone then you cant do it. so just start with some small like start reseller account and other affilate marketing of hosting.

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