Weather is really suitable for travelling recently. Would anyone recommend some place to visit?

Probably the single most famous in USA would be the Grand Canyon.

not a place I want to be associated with...

Probably Amsterdam, but I (and millions of others) prefer the Keukenhof

I'm so happy to see all your recommendations! Thank you dear friends! Probably I will visit these places in the near future and let us share photos!

Grand Canyon South Rim. Look for the smartest squirrel begging for food in exchange of pretty cool tail swag :).


Zion National Park in Utah.


For England I'd say Buckingham Palace but others might disagree.

The most famous place in France is the Eiffel tower (almost 7 million visitors a year), but it's not a place I would recommend. Start with the south of France.

Edit: I forgot the Louvre museum with almost 10 million visitors/year. The atmosphere is that of a railway station with paintings exposed on the walls.

The tourist trap (the place is full of cars) of Virginia City Nevada. This homely looking place sprang up as a boomtown on top of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovered in the United States, in 1859. It was once the major town in the wild west. Bonanza's Cartwright family were supposed to live in the area of Virginia City.

The picture that veedeoo shows of Zion Canyon is actually Bryce Canyon in Utah.

Yellowstone Park is my taste.

In my country its COX BAZAR. It is world biggest sea beach.

Well, ive never been overseas... South-Africa, Zambia, Egypt, and Israel has A LOT to offer. Mosambique is also amazing but yeah, concidering the issues they have now i would rather not visit there. Oh and Namibia is also nice but there is absolutely NOBODY. :/

There are many place in my counrty which is famous and people in bulk have come to visit these place at least once in a life.

Well... i live in the US, and the most famous spot (that everyone knows) would be the White House. Though, that is in the opposite side of the country for me. I am not really sure what southern california has aside Hollywood, beaches, expensive properties, etc. Nothing very iconic to the world where i live...

England has the White cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge, plus various palaces and castles.

Canada has Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, Algonquin Park, and Haida Gwaii