Hi All,

I am a Avid Golf Lover and try to golf as much as I can. My job title at my work is a little of everything from Administrative, Training Director, and Business Development. Basically I wear many hats. I am not too "tech language savy", so excuse me if I can't understand half of the conversations on here (( Tech stuff)).

I wanted to get to know people out there that might need additional Training and anyone that needs a place to go in the BAY AREA for Training whether its in Novell, Microsoft and Linux. Any other topics are fine with me, especially when it pertains to GOLF.

We have eDirectory 8, ZENworks Linux Management and Identity Manager 3 coming up. We also except vouchers for these also. Or if there is anything anyone is looking for that doesn't seem to be available, let me know so I can get that training presented locally.

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