Hey, recently I asked you how much would certain websites cost.
So I thought I'd create website, to show off my "skillz" (if any :D) for people to hire me.
I first thought to create website like IMDB which offers exploring and seeking for videos
their rates description, photos, cast etc. but it turned out wrong right after... nevermind, I won't bull you with my entire story.

Clue is, I need theme for this website, website is already done (technically), but I need theme to fill it with content etc.
I need like ugh, theme. It doesn't have to be something really popular, but anything what you can write a lot about it.

anything what you can write a lot about it

Building/maintaining/upgrading a website.

Building/Maintaining/Upgrading a website? What do you mean by that? I can't think of anything like news for that, or, images or anything. I don't understand.

Since you build the site, fill it with content about how to do just that.

So you mean, I should spend entire website, explaining, how to create a website?

An idea for a website will never be as nice as a website for an idea.

What kind of things are you interested in?

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A big part of making websites is creativity. You're showing that you're not creative, not a good start...

Anyone can learn to hack some html together. It's the rest, which you want us to come up with for you, that's the part that sets the amateurs apart from the professionals...

@Hiroshe Any type of content that can be filled website with. Universal content for comments, pictures, news slider, something useable of user login.
@jwenting Ouch, you hurt my ego. May I know, how did I show I'm not creative? I expect people will know what they want on their website, so I would have theme right away. The website and scheme is ready. But I need to make it to certain colors. If such, I'm not professional, but I'm still pretty usable.

Need backlink and information.

"Back link" is not required. Information are in posts, you should've read before posting yours. I just need the topic.

I choose topic Astronomy. Problem solved.

Create a website about your home town or neighborhood.