Hello All! Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but I'm not sure where that would be, so here goes.

I'm a high school history teacher, and I've had an idea about creating a "lesson/unit planning" website for a while. Teaching in general is such a time-suck, so my goal is to make tedious tasks like writing lesson plans and grading as streamlined as possible so I can focus more on creating an interesting curriculum.

My rough idea of what this would look like would be:
1. Main page would be a programmable "unit calendar" that would allow you to quickly enter in daily "sketches" of your lessons. It would have a list of the standards your covering each day (abbreviated), the lesson objective, activity, and assessment (all short and sweet).
2. Next step would be to click on the individual days in the unit calendar to open up the Lesson Plan builder. This would also be customizable, would have approximately 15-20 fields, and would need to have the ability to quickly enter pre-programmed learning standards (drop-down menu?).
3. Unit Calendar and Lesson Plan would have to be printable/ exportable to .docx AND .pdf.

I've been researching how to make forms for websites, but this doesn't seem to address all of my needs. I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction--like generally what kind of website design I would need, what kind of skills, and where I might find someone to help me realize this.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


This could be quite a complex task and I think you would need some server side scripting (such as PHP) and a database (like mysql). You would also have to look at the PHP forum here but I guess you might get some experience or get someone with PHP and mysql skills to help.

BTW, Moodle is a popular opensource ready-made environment for e-leraning. Would it not cover your needs?

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