Hi everyone
I started a news website about 15 days ago and have been getting on average about 7 clicks a day from google and bing haven't even indexed my site... It have many categories and it is kinda big since I have about 1900 posts since the lunch... Google have so far indexed 3500 links to my site (posts, pages, categories, tags, etc) or of about 5000 total submitted. I get between 150 impressions and 450 search impressions per day and have had more than 500 unique visits since the lunch and 34% are organic. The thing is I am not sure I am doing it right. I mean I don't know how to optimize my website for search engines. I always optimized small websites but not a website this big. On average we are having between 150 to 300 new posts per day.
How can I build my back links? Is it different from building links for small sites?

Is there a special way to rank for keywords? I really have no idea how to optimize such a website. So please help me out and i will be most appreciative and will be very ready to return the favor if you pm me or post it as a reply.
Thanks in advance.

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You are asking a pretty broad question without enough details.

Are your urls search engine friendly?
What are you doing right now to build links?
What is your social media strategy?
Is your website scrapping its content from other news sites?

I think without more detail the only advice I can really give you is to make sure all of your content is able to be shared; that is probably going to be the most effective way to build organic traffic for this large of a site. By ensuring people can share your content the links will begin building themselves as more people begin linking to your content. Also ensure that every page is following semantic and standardized markup.

Submitting to the search engines your website, yahoo directory, moz, etc. that should help a fair bit. Also try to guest blog a bit to achieve acouple extra follow links from reputable websites.

make your sitemap dynamic
install the optional plugin for whatever script runs the backend, to automate sitemap refresh
when the bots return, new content will be visible, greatly increases indexing

First of all analyse the website completely
Check its meta tags
Url formation
Site map
Check its error
Check whether it has duplicate content

What kind of website? news, e comercial, online shopping?...

commented: the google search would be "Remedial Reading" -3

The title of this post is: how to SEO a news website. Maybe there's a small clue in there?

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