Hi, i have a free flash game website i had a proposal by the owner of another free flash hacked game website he wants to publish reviews about gameswith links to the game on his website and some testual links for each game
i think it's a chance to monetize my website that isn't complete and promoted yet
so i have no idea for what price quote him
can you suggest the price to ask for each review with link and for each testual link on each game?
thank you for suggestions

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Shouldn't it be him charging you for publishing links and reviews on his website?

they are links to his web site every review with link is a kind of advertising about his games they are testual advertising about his website
he asked me to quote it
i heve no idea what do you think about it?how much i can monetize it?

Depends on how popular your website is and how you can value your website (this is where alexa rank is handy). If you can prove that you get the visitors/traffic then you can justify larger amounts. I can't tell you what your website is worth; however there was a guy who made $1 million dollars from selling every viewable pixel on his website (sold each 10px x 10px area for $1 and sold a million of them). Was it worth it to the ones paying? Questionable? But he created a viral fad that he could prove was worth that much money. So how much do you want from him? And how do you justify that cost? Those are questions you need to answer not us. I can't verify that you have 1 million real unique visitors a day; but maybe you can prove it to him

thank you for your answer yes it has very little traffic now so if it gets more traffic i can charge the advertisers more, now i'm asking them they're price just to not accept advertising for free, bye

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