Hi, I was thinking of trying this technology:


The good news is that I still type with 2 - 4 fingers...But, after all these years I am very fast with my 2-4 finger typing :-)

I was curious if anyone has tried one of these cool looking deveices ?

I want it for when I get a new large screen phone, maybe this fall.

It looks cool. I'm not sure how practical it is though. Let us know how you like it.

I did not buy it yet....I a waiting to buy a large screen iPhone then use the laser keyboard with it.

I was curious if anyone in Daniweb has tried the laser keyboard OR has seen it live to play with ?

Back in the day, when I used to do gadget reviews for the likes of Pocket Lint, I got to see a whole bunch of these type of devices. Bearing in mind they were the earliest attempts at the technology, and I would hope the newest ones have improved, here's what I thought:

More style than substance, in that they had the wow factor but were as good as useless if you wanted to actually do anything productive with them. How responsive they were depended upon the quality of the surface the keyboard was projected upon, along with ambient lighting etc. Fast typing was all but impossible, so very much a case of slow and careful prodding in order to avoid mistakes.

Overall, my conclusion was that if you were not worried about fast typing then you may as well stick to whatever virtual keyboard was supplied with your smartphone/tablet. If you wanted to be able to actually type properly and produce some work beyond SMS or tweet then invest in a folding or portable physical keyboard.

As I say, this was a few years ago. However, the tech looks very similar to the stuff I played with back then. Honestly I would recommend buying from somewhere that allows returns, or find a hight street supplier and go play with it first.

Hi Happygeek,

I agree with you 100%, that is why I was hoping that someone on Daniweb may have seen or played with this device themselves.

My first choice to to find a local dealer who accepts returns...

2nd choice is Internet allowable returns...

I do have a folding bluetooth Keyboard, which I am happy with...But, the size of the small projector seems a lot more convenient to carry in a jacket pocket. I was not as concerned about the table surface and I am also not as worried about ambient light since that is an obvious potential issue.

If I buy the laser projector after I get a lare iPhone, I will let you know what i think :-)

@happygeek: I remember seeing an article for these some 15 years ago when I was in high school. The article reviewed these exactly as you described - high wow-factor, but not very usable. (You might have even written the article.)

Was wondering if they were ever going to come back.

Seen them used in some companies as flashy accessoiries in demo rooms and reception desks.
Tried one even, was indeed highly uncomfortable.
Ramming your fingers down on a hard surface with no tactile feedback you get from a real keyboard doesn't make for a nice typing experience.
But it looks good, high wow factor, which makes them ideal for product presentations and impressing visitors in "high tech campusses".

jwenting...thx for the feedback....
I agree, that the lack of tacktile feedback if tiny springs under the keys is desirable. BUT, typing on any touch screen has that same issue.
Since I only type with a few fingers it may actuall work for me.... However, I am very fast, even if I only use 2-4 fingers for typing :-)

I still think I will stick with trying to find a compny who accept returns unless I get to actually experiemnt with a unit myself :-)

But, thanks for the feedback ! ... At least I now know that the technology is being used in the real world :-)

How useful you find the laser keyboard might depend on how you learned to type. I learned on a manual typewriter where there was almost an inch of play while the key lifted the impact hammer to strike the page - the feedback is important to me. I worked with a guy who learned on a computer keyboard and he would be perfect for the laser kybrd. Hmmm, as I type this I realize how important alignment is - I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that you would waste a lot of time making sure you are hitting the correct keys. I would say if you are a touch typist, it won't work but if you normally monitor your fingers then it would be worth a shot.

I have always been interested int this Keyboard

I could not find the technical specs or review on the keyboard which you showed interest in ? May I ask the name brand/manufacturer ? I am open to ideas :-)

I actually own one of those. My neighbor bought one for me (I tutor their 2 kids and have been for the last 4 years. they have straight A's since then... plus i never really charged them). They are not that great (I own the red and black one called the magic cube for the ipad, it is from the same company). The keyboard doesn't always detect what you type when you type fast plus they are not that effective when there is light in the room. I rarely use it but whenever I get a chance to use it, I use it at night or at least when the sun is barely out. Not to forget, you can't really use it on anything but a flat surface (it isn't that great when you use it on your lap). The multi-touch features are pretty decent. Overall, the laser keyboard is a nice idea but it really depends on the user. I know my little sister enjoys using it. I also wish the battery lasted longer on those things...

@expertmagician, you may like it if you want to experience some "new" tech. I liked it when I first got it but i got sick of it like a week later.

I would give it a: 6/10

<M/>, Thank you for you feedback....I think I will use the following strategy:

1) Try using the Keyboard on the larger iPhone 6 when it comes out.
2) If I decided to try the laser keyboard, I will make sure the place takes returns, unless I can find a local place who will allow me to use it in person.

PS: I am not concerned about the flat surface...and indoor lght will be OK...I would not expect it to work well in sunlight ;-)

Thx !

Here is a referral to 77 'interesting' kybrds, including the wrist one - I liked #1, #11, maybe 14&15, #42, #46?, #57 could be interesting, #77 is just too vegan.

Hi GrimJack, you forgot to include the URL to see the numbering sequence :-)

I guess I have to put that on my Christmas list.

<M/>: I also own a magicCube. It works well enough for me in any lighting condition, but bumping the table causes random key pressing, and it won't work on a non-flat surface (I.e. a textured plastic table). Otherwise, I like my laser keyboard.