Hello ladies and gentleman of daniweb (my facorite forum) I just wanted to ask some people about what tech company to work for. I'm getting tired of freelance. I've done some research and I think that my favorite is google but I just wanted some input. I don't think that I would want to work for a social network because a new one can come alone and it will become obsolete. Another company that I find intresting is dropbox. Dropbox is unique but other companies for example microsoft made OneDrive. I personnaly think that dropbox is the best out of all of the could services and is probably the most popular. But Google might make a release, with technology you never know. But if anybody can give me some advice it would be gladly appreciated.

you set your sights pretty high and narrow. Unless you're far better than most people (and you almost certainly aren't) you can forget about being hired by those companies.

Just look at the job openings on Monster and other career sites, contact some recruiters, send out resumes, and see what you can get locally.
Forget about being hired by the likes of Google and Amazon, ain't gonna happen if you have to ask what you're asking.

and you have a strange way to look at things.

just because a company you might go to work for becomes obsolete in the future, doesn't mean it can't be a very good experience that 'll boost your carreer thousandfold another job could do.

yes, you will probably be forced to do something completely different if stopping there, but so? if you want to work in IT, you'll need to stay up to date and learn new techniques anyway. for me, I don't even have to change jobs to work on something completely different in a week, it's just how projects are rotated here.

and Jwenting is right. Let's face it: companies like Google will look at resumes, but in the end, they know exactly who they want, and they don't need to wait for them to become available, they'll contact them. they haven't contacted you? I wouldn't expect to start working there the next couple of years.

That's how it goes with companies who can have their pick out of the top 1% IT profiles in the world. they get to be picky.

Don't go for a job because it pays well, don't go for a job because you think it'll provide you with the exact security for the future (since no job can guarantee that) -- and no, I don't mean to say these aren't two pretty important things to take into consideration when signing up, it's just not the most important --
take a job you really, REALLY, love to do. after all, how long do you think you'll like doing a high-paying job that you hate?

in fact, you're often better off with a job that pays a bit less but has a lot less stress. Far better for your health (both mental and physical) and thus your future.
Don't want to end up burned out and on a disability pension (or worse, social security) because you find it impossible to work the ratrace under the incredible pressure of the "top job" with the "big name" company you thought was such a dream come true.

I like the friction here and I find it helpful. But one of the reasons I like daniweb more then stack overflow is because people aren't asses but I am only talking to one of you when I say it. Thank you guys for the help.

Don't be shy either.

If there's something that interests you, or if there is a company that does something that you are genuinly interested in, then say how much you're interested in it. Employers will see the interest. Also, be persistant (but not annoying) if you really want to get a career out of something you are interested in.

Also, perhaps set up a github account with some interesting works in it (obviously related to your interest). For example, if you've worked on a number of project that the company also is interested in for a number of years, that will already look fairly impressive to the employer.