this just what happen a moment a go,
i turned on my wireless router(dlink dir-600) then turned my laptop, but the problem is i cant connect to the internet, so what i did is restarted my router(BTW my wimax modem is connected and has good signal strength) but i got the same result and still have no internet, then it just came in my mind what if i will insert the modem line into lan port instead on the wan port, then it just like bingo i have an internet connection(what the heck happening here),
so also tried transfering it to the remaining 3 lan ports and ohhh internet is still there, but when i put the modem line to the wan port of the router i lost the internet. so what i thought maybe there is a hardware failure. so what i did next is to turn-off the router and turn-on, but it just still the same.

but here the thing, when i restarted my laptop then connect to the wifi again. everything back to normal.

so here is my question, if my laptop has the problem why is the router react like that?
its look like i have a defected laptop and i have quadropole wan router, LOL.

is there someone here experience lik this.

ps. sorry for my bad english

Assuming that your modem provides a real ethernet connection/port, then it should be capable of use by any of the ports on your router. So, if the WAN port is bad, you would see the behavior you did. Assuming that when you restarted the laptop and that the modem was connected back to the WAN port, then I don't know what is going on, other than a temporary glitch. Shut everything off. Turn on the modem, wait a little time (30 seconds or so), then turn on the router (another 30 seconds or so), and then your laptop. What happens then. If all is good, then don't worry about it. It would, in such a situation, likely be a race condition where things were not stable before you tried to use them.

HE probably has wifi enabled on both the router and ISP modem. i.e. U-verse modem/router has wifi enabled by default. If the router went from what seems like a bridge mode (he had it in WAN) to a router mode (now it works in router LAN ports), then it's not a stretch to think that the wifi was also re-enabled (Rebooting laptop connects to modem wifi now).

That's just a guess.

@rubberman yeah maybe it just happened. But I wander if a LAN port can also act as a WAN port, or can be a WAN port.
But the thing i didnt get is why everthing go back after restarting the laptop? So weird.

@CimmerianX hmmm my modem doesnt have a built-in wifi

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