Here's Some of my habits that i picked up over the years, How about you?
- Refresh every 5min
- my fingers are on "A", "W" and "D" keys
- bite my nails while coding
- i had a fan problem once, and after fixing it i kept my habit of checking the task manager every now and then.

Hitting CTRL-S after every sentence I type, even in places like this forum editor where it's obviously not needed (in fact, I had to request to Dani to add code in the editor to block the CTRL-S action from triggering the "save webpage" behavior of the browser).

I also refresh stuff every 5min.

I'm not a gamer, so my fingers don't linger on the AWD keys, but as a coder, with a french-canadian keyboard, my right hand's natural resting position is with the thumb on the ALT key, my pinky on the shift key, and the ring finger where the characters {}<>[] are (because on french-canadian keyboards, I need the ALT or shift for making does characters, which you need all the time when coding, especially in C++). Whenever I set my hands on the keyboard, that's where my right hand falls, invariably.

Eating while typing and getting crumbs under my keys.

Eating while typing is one of my worst but biting the inside of my mouth while I'm coding is the wors. I look like I'm praticing for a gurning competition and it hurts like hell by the time I'm finished!

Reading those horribly biased Yahoo news clips whenever I can.

  • my fingers are on "A", "W" and "D" keys

Yup, I've got that one. Another is that I have a tendency to end sentences with a semicolon due to excessive coding in languages that use a semicolon as a statement terminator.

end sentences with a semicolon due to excessive coding

Get that all the time.

I try not to have food anywhere near my desk, otherwise it starts disappearing and I can't find it again :(

Instead I try to find something to fiddle with, be it a pencil or a memory stick, and then I drop the lid and can't find that either.

I can also get far too engrossed in what I'm doing (because I'm concentrating real hard) and completely miss everything going on around me, including the phone.

When I am using computer, my fingers are always on cntrl and s to save whatever I am doing. Usually I am not a game enthuziasist thus my fingers do not go to A S D

What, no one has mentioned writing a sloppy, undocumented program because it is a one-time quick and dirty use. Murphy's law says you will still be using that program 10 years from now and it will be much, much longer.

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I also refresh my computer.I think it is not a bad habits naturally all people are doing like this.Many people doing like this if the person did not get the right code at the time of coding then he/she doing like this.

One computer is just not enough. I usually have my desktop PC, two netbooks and an IPad going.

Aside from having my desktop, laptop, and phone blaring at me, I am always guilty of fast-saving files and such onto my desktop. Every other month or so I have to spend an hour (or few) cleaning it up.

I have a habit of laying on the couch while doing some work on the computer (coding or schoolwork)... but while I lay there, my dogs and cat like to sit on me and the keyboard, hitting many random keys and functions and closing out certain pages that are unsaved -_-

i have a bad habit of using my middle finger for backspace while i should be using my little finger when typing!!!

Trying to solve the world's problems with a computer program.

One of my bad habits is to use the mouse when there is a keyboard shortcut to do the same task. My hand reaches the mouse before my brain has the time to recall the shortcut.
This is counterweighted by the good habit of having a mouse on each side of the keyboard, so that I can use both hands.

i have never learned to type properly.

i have never learned to type properly

I was unable to type properly until I purchased a b├ępo keyboard, which is a french version of the dvorak keyboard. With this keyboard, I learned typing in no time and without any training.

The drawback of it is that I can't use the vim editor because all the shortcuts in vi are designed for a traditional keyboard.

I use vim too much so I often accidentally add :w at the end of many paragraphs/sentences in my word documents!

yes I can see how that would be a problem