I get exactly this same error as this Sir over here. There is solution given:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

What worries me more is that Brackets (by Adobe), Opera (by Opera), Chrome (by Google) are also considered bad quality. I could understand that sometimes it can go wrong, but these are three (one medium, two gigantic) companies, and all of their packages are considered of bad quality.

Bad Quality in Linux means:

To make sure that packages we install using the Software Center are free of errors and Debian policy violations they are checked using Lintian. Only then the installation of a package will be granted.

That means, there's nothing wrong with their packages but with my verification software. I can't imagine that these three corporations compiled their packages incorrectly. Is there a way to check that without reinstalling the entire Linux (using Ubuntu right now)?

The error it prompted:

Lintian check results for /home/aeonix/Downloads/opera-stable_29.0.1795.47_amd64.deb:
/usr/bin/ar: /tmp/temp-lintian-lab-NWwyABKZNo/pool/o/opera-stable/opera-stable_29.0.1795.47_amd64_binary/deb: No such file or directory
E: opera-stable: malformed-deb-archive ar error: *main::STDERR

When I choose for "Ignore and Install", nothing happens, and Ubuntu Software Center changes logo of product to a question mark inside of reversed (up-side-down) white triangle with thick red border.

It seems like the temp-linitian-lab-* folder is deleted before/while Lintian does whatever it needs to do. I'm not expert of Linux though.

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