I am faing bad singals in my Samsung galaxy note 2 device from a month. Firstly, I was expecting that it was becuase of cell phone carrier but the problem still remian same with anonther cell phone carrier.

Can anybody tll me what to do about this?

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Please explain exactly what you mean by "bad signals". In any case, it is probably a case of bad hardware (cell phone transceivers) in which case it will require a visit to the warranty repair center.

Try using installing the open signal from the play store it will help you in knowing where the problem is if its in the network provider then you will get the idea.

I installed that apps in my phone, that was also not working perfectly.

can't actually tell what is the problem with youe device. Try going to professional for support on this issue. I am sure they are capable of helping you out on this !!

Seeing as his signature is for a cell phone signal booster, and his username is signal121, and he has already had posts deleted for spamming signal booster adverts, I would imagine that this really isn't the 'problem' that the original post makes it out to bhe. Just saying...

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