Hello Community,
I was just wondering what this url is "https://fbcdn-photos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/hellocdn.html?v=1" for some reason on start-up my computer will open this url not all the time but occasionally. It doesn't do anything it just gives my a blank page, the HTTPS certificate is in affect so I don't thing it's a dodgy website (I hope it isn't).

I'm running Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security and that hasn't picked it up as a bad website, I've also scanned the URL using the Trend Micro url scanner and the Norton url scanner and both have said it's an "OK" website.

I have checked the start-up folder and there isn't a link in there to open the url so I have no idea what is could be.

Can anny one help me out I want to stop this if it shouldn't be happening.

OS = Windows 8 64Bit

Did you scan for viruses? Try with Spybot.

I've figured why this is happening is because of the Facebook messenger I have installed. I just Googled the url and there are others that have came across the same problem so at least I know what it is.

I know this question is solved but here you have two links if they could help you remove it Click Here Click Here

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