Release your inner blogger, and you could be a winner with DaniWeb

Ever thought about starting a blog right here on DaniWeb and can’t think why you haven’t?

Ever wondered if anyone would really be interested in what you have to say about IT?

Ever dreamed about getting all your thoughts ‘out there’ to share with the DaniWeb community, and beyond, outside of the normal forum environment?

Ever hoped someone would come along and give you the gentle prod needed to get started?

Now is your chance to shine, with the inaugural DaniWeb blogging competition. Starting right now, right here, everybody who blogs in July will have a chance to win the coveted ‘Blogger of the Month’ title and a prize of an Amazon.com gift certificate to the value of $250.

Let me repeat that: start blogging now and you could win a $250 cash value prize.

Here’s how it will work.

All blog postings made during the month of July 2006 will be read by the moderator team here at DaniWeb, who will nominate those blogs that they think worthy of consideration for the title and the prize. This will be on the basis of both the quality of the postings and their popularity as determined by views and comments. Quality will win over quantity ever time, but a blog is something that needs regular input so bear this in mind.

The short listed blogs will be announced here during the first week of August 2006, and every member of DaniWeb will be given a chance to vote for their favorite on a strict one member one vote basis.

The short listed blog with the most votes as at midnight on August 31st will be the winner.

Create your blog here

Here are the rules:

  1. DaniWeb staff writers are not eligible for entry
  2. The moderating team decision is final
  3. Anyone found attempting to cheat, by using multiple personalities to inflate blog read counts and comments or to cast multiple votes, will be banned from all further DaniWeb competitions

And that’s it, apart from saying good luck and let the blogging commence!

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sounds good!

Sorry if this seams like is bending the rules but, seeing as how you will be one of the judges, have you got any tips for a great blog?


I guess you could call me one of the judges, but only in so far as I'll be one of many people in the moderating team who will put forward the short-list of blogs for everyone else to vote upon. At the end of the day, it will be the DaniWeb community who will judge the competition and decide upon the winner.

However, personally speaking, what I look for in a blog is consistency and quality of posting. Being able to keep up a regular flow of interesting, informative and thought provoking postings is key.

My only tip would be to write passionately about the things you are passionate about! Share your opinions honestly and enthusiastically, and above all else enjoy your writing!


One week in, and only half a dozen people have been blogging.

Which means that one of them is going to win that prize, unless you want to get started to try and stop them...


I put a stack of effort into my own blog and don't want to dilute that by having a second blog. Can I put excerpts from my blog into this one with "read more" type of thing?


I put a stack of effort into my own blog and don't want to dilute that by having a second blog. Can I put excerpts from my blog into this one with "read more" type of thing?

Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that... I have several spots that I already post... the last thing I need to have to worry about is yet another place to keep updated.


You are welcome to post blog entries consisting of exerpts from another blog of yours with a link. Please do try to include some unique content though.

I will tell you though ... that what we are really looking for in terms of this particular competition are for blogs which include regular, unique content.


Eh... not really, to be honest... If you saw how many different places I have something resembling a blog, you'd understand why I'm not thrilled about updating yet another one.

Sorry, but I think I'll sit this one out.


Hey, we aren't twisting your arm!

He says, waving the Amazon gift certificate around in a provocative fashion.



ok it surely help... help... help.... help.... help.... me

to achieve my goal.....


ok nice it better

i really thanks tro u

because daniweb really helps me till now


Well, if there were a prize for completely strange posts, I'd certainly give it to ninnay ;)



It's not over until midnight on the 31st, and the mods are currently catching up with reading all the July blog postings and throwing our nominations into the ring.

We will have the finalists sorted, and ready for everyone to cast their votes for, by the end of the first week of August.


OK, so now the first DaniWeb blogging competition is over and the mods have been reading postings and putting together a list of blogs to nominate for your votes. We shouldhave that list ready by Monday, and you'll have until the end of the month to cast your votes for the Best Blogger.

What I would say, by way of advice, is to continue blogging. Even though the competition is over, people will be looking at your blogs when it comes to vote time and if you are still posting interesting stuff regularly it might just sway them in your direction. Also, this is only the first competition, there will hopefully be more to come and people with a popular and well maintained blog will have themselves a head start...

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