I am a 2nd year MIS/CIS business student and I havent learnt much about computer programming. From what my advisors and ppl who are in the MIS program here tell me, MIS has little programming and more to do with how computers work in a business. I also heard that it has lots to do with Excel? I'm wondering if this is true, because i dont want to just use excel, i want to be able to MAKE excel. SO since i cant transfer facultys and programs [time,money other issues etc], what languages do you think i should take to learn more about programming.

Please tell me if this is how it works. I think that the jobs that you get right when you first graduate are going to be more programming while MIS/CIS is more for managing and higher positions. however i cant get those positions until i get experience so i will need to start off programming. is this true? I just dont want to grad in MIS and only be able to start as a helpdesk analyst. I also want to know both how to program PLUS the business side so that right when i graduate, i can get a good job doing programming and when i finally move up, I can use my MIS skills to get the manager and higher positons.

Thanks for answering my questions. PS. please dont just say "do what you like and maybe switch to comp sci" cause that isnt an option. I DO like MIS, i just dont know if it will lead me to a good job afterwards since MIS is about managing information systems but how can i get a manager job without getting experience. kidna get what i'm saying? Thanks again!

If you want to WRITE software, you're in the wrong department with your study.
You're learning to write ABOUT software, mainly sales brochures :)

I fully agree that you can't manage a development team properly without having time in the trenches, too many people try and make miserable managers because they don't understand what makes their people tick and can't give estimates on performance and timelines worth a damn.

Good languages to learn on the side are Python and Ruby. They're relatively small and easy to learn so they don't take up too much time next to your main business.
Python is even used here and there (Ruby is too, but mainly in Japan).
Apart from those you'd have to look at things like Java, C++, and Cobol.

Thank you so basically I am doing sales eh? So basically MIS is sales eh. Icic, i never knew that. I always thought it was IT managing stuff. So if i understand you correctly, Java, C++, Cobol and Python and ruby. Are these like a one course language to learn? I'm mean assuming i am determined, fairly smart and put effort into this. How long would it take me to learn a language. I'm just worried that it takes 4 years to learn a language just like a degree! Then i'm kinda screwed :P. Also if someone wouldnt mind telling me if I was in the Computer Science program, which languages would i learn in All after i graduate? And i guess what does the MIS/CIS program entail? I really realy never knew it was about sales and stuff. Please help.

Confused student :P

It is IT management and possibly some system admin or maybe DBA stuff - infrastructure support in general.

Software development and maintenance are sort of tangential to your field of study.
In terms of jobs, your area is not as likely to go overseas.