I am new to the site but I actively participate in the DANIPAD events for Dani. I host gaming events here every so often and I would like to know if any of you guys compete, play casual or just watch video games and get to know you all.

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I play Counter Strike 1.6 sometimes when its way too much boring and there is not more "work" for me :P

I play CoD:AW far too much (on xbone)

Am taking something of a forced gaming vacation at the moment though, courtesy of a fractured wrist :)

Oh, I read about that the other day but forgot to ask you about it. How's your wrist doing, Davey?

Off for a bone scan today as it's the scaphoid bone (one of the carpals) I have broken and there is some concern about blood supply to the thumb apparently. Still mighty painful, but could be a lot worse I guess. I'm in an immobilising splint/brace thing rather than a cast at the moment, although that could change after today. The main problem is that I haven't been able to rest it as much as I should, as I still need to work and that means being at the keyboard for a few hours a day. Only relief I have had was last week when I was at the hospital for a few days while my old mum had her heart valve replacement.

I play WoW and Diablo3 occasionally. I don't game as much as I used to though. I tend to get too wrapped up when I do and start ignoring other parts of my life.

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