So many many problems could be resolved if people only backed up there system with an image. I use to be what I called the reformat queen until I descovered hard drive imaging. I have now gone 5 years without reformating. Anytime something goes wrong which seems to be often I just reinstall my current image and all is well. My favorite software for this is Acronis True Image but there are others. Please please do yourself a favor and invest in software of this type.


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Ahh, I hate to say it, but I strongly disagree with ya. ;)

First off, I guess ya could say I'm "in the know" about malware, etc--it's my specialty. Time and time again, all these problems crop up, mostly all of them because of malware/viruses/etc, when truthfully, nearly all of these can be avoided simply by being somewhat cautious with your computer. Even if you became infected, there are a variety of hands-on ways to fix the problem youreself--antivirus/antimalware/firewalls. If the problem supercedes even these, then all that's required is one of us specialty guys ;)

I can't lie...although most problems with computers have to do with malware, not all do. Oftentimes, the computer gets naturally slow. This in itself is easily fixable-- a mixture of a registry cleaner (CCleaner, for example) and a defragmenter.

In short, using an imaging software as a backup is similar to not filling your car with oil...because "hey, when it breaks, I can just buy a new one". In other words, youre computer is just like youre car, it takes maintence.

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