I am using windows 2000 pro for a long time. I have also used win 95,98, Me and XP. I dont know why people prefer win XP. I think win XP has some graphical effects and nothing else.

Should I be using win XP or continue using win 2000 :?:

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With the heightened security measures introduced with SP2, there's now even more reason to make the change.

But beyond that, the 'fancy effects' go way beyond mere 'eye candy'. Before making a judgement, get yourself near a freshly installed Windows XP box (one where there hasn't already been some idiot come along and disable features) and then start doing a few things like:

- pop a blank CD in the burner
- take a few snaps and then hook the digital camera up to the USB port
- hook it up to another PC and see just how simple network setup is. Try the wireless networking setup. That's even more of a buzz.
- scan a few snapshots into the machine (hey, looky-look, there's a wizard for that too - you don't need software. Bung 'em in 'My Pics' somewhere, then show 'em off as a slideshow or, oh my! there's an option there to bung 'em straight on a CD to send to someone else!

There's more than that, of course. Lots of little tricky toys to play with. They're rather rudimentary in nature, admittedly, but when you consider it the vast majority of everyday computing consists of using sophisticated tools for rudimentary tasks. I've found that the various Wizards etc. in XP have been adequate for much more than I ever dreamt possible, and I've never had PC systems with so few software tools needing to be installed ;)

You might want to make sure your machine and software are compatible.


I have used XP pro since day one, and have had no problems, at first i was into the fancy effects and diffent gui, but then i thought id grow up and just use the classic settings:D

I have just started using 2k on Virtual PC and i dont have a problem with it, but i still prefer XP any day.

Go Nt4!

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