I have recently just got my Widom teeth taken out and the stuff they used to to put me out sure made me say some weird stuff. My diet has consisted of protein shakes, mashed potatoes, soup, and ice cream. What were you guys experiences getting them out of you got them out.

Just got a jab in my gum to numb it, and the dentist yanked it out.

five minutes, no big deal.

I elected to be knocked with the IV and took around 45 Minutes

I'm not a great fan of being rendered unconcious.

My husband had an impacted wisdom, he decided to get his back molar removed instead of the wisdom.

Just got a jab in my gum to numb it, and the dentist yanked it out.

I had to go down and have all four cut out since they were all impacted. Recovery wasn't that bad though. I've had worse surgeries.

What you experienced is very common. The anesthetic disrupts the conduction of nerve impulses where nerve come together (the synapse).
At the synapse the electical signal conducts to connecting nerve by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters to stimulate an electrical current in the next nerve cell.

The anesthetic interferes with this conduction in different parts of the brain and to different degrees. So when it is administered some parts of the brain are working and other are dramatically slowed. This causes strange perceptions that would not normally occur.

The degree this occurs and the kind of thinking distortions vary from person to person and may not happen in some people.

What you experience is typical.

The dentist slipped and hit the tooth above, so I had to pay for five teeth.

I have two impacted wisdom teeth that haven't budged in 30 years. The dentist figured that if they didn't bother me then we should leave them alone. The chances of colateral damage increase with age. One possible complication is loss of taste because of nerve damage.

All my wisdom teeth were horizontal and had to be removed even though they weren't sticking out yet. I didn't get general anesthesia (the dentist didn't even bring that up as an option, I guess local anesthesia was enough). The gum had to be cut open, the teeth had to be smashed to pieces and removed that way, and the gum stitched back together. Except for the pressure on the jaw and the eerie sound of teeth cracking up, I didn't really feel much and the local anesthesia was enough. I was on mild painkillers for about a week after that, and I was working a full-time summer job in a sawmill / factory back then. Those couple of weeks were pretty annoying and I was probably very cranky. But that's about it, nothing to cry about.

And yeah, had soup for the first couple of days.. after that, it was alright to carefully chew the solid foods.

had mine removed 2 weeks ago. still have two stiches left. About after a week i could finally open my mouth, but my mouth felt strecthy when i tried to open it. I lived on steri stumpies and nesquik. I hated every moment of it but im glad i got it over with!

What happens to your wisdom after the wisdom teeth are gone?

I still haven't gotten my wisdom teeth taken out, is that a bad thing? Will I die?

I had the best experience in the world.

I was in the chair, asking, "Are you starting now?" And the doctor said, "It's over."