Uber or Lyft? ;) just curious.

It's been my experience that this is the Windows or Mac question of yesteryear.

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Can I pick "neither"?

When I travel for the company they cover taxi, bus, train and other transportation costs. So while many have used Uber the places we go at times have outstanding mass transit systems. I had the luck of going to Taipei many times and after the taxi from the airport would use mass transit and the occasional taxi. A few times reminded me of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

After a few trips we found a local transportation company (they have all of 3 or so vehicles) and for the airport to hotel and back used them exclusively (no more Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.)

I hear the crew continues to use mass transit (we are an adventurous lot), taxi and Uber.

LOL rproffitt. Was speaking to my mom on the phone earlier today. She's always been a big proponent of me using Uber because she loves how I send her the little status updates and she can follow the car to its destination on the map. So she says to me tonight, "So anyone can just take their car and start driving??!!"

So anyone can just take their car and start driving?

I see that as a bug, not a feature.

I'd rather support a small, local business than a multinational tax avoding one. So neither here as well. I use a local minicab outfit if I need a taxi.

I see that as a bug, not a feature.

Exactly. That was her point.

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I.ve used uber once. It was not as cheap as advertised. There was this horrible multiplier that kept changing the fare before booking. Urgh. Never again. Saturday night in Cardiff is no fun if you.re trying to find a ride home (10 miles or so). Taxi firms used to hold you to ransom with extortionate rates. And you didn.t have a choice. Now there is choice, but instead of offering a cheaper service there.s now more capacity at the high rate. Not sure if it.s good for the consumer. Their tax practices are certainly a reason not to use them.

I've never used Uber (only ever taken a cab twice in my life), but my son (Long Island) has used Uber once to get to the airport. They had a special first-time-user discount so the ride ended up costing him forty three cents.

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