As the title says, I'm just bigging myself up here but am stoked to have won the award for 'Best Investigative Feature of the Year' at the BT Information Security Journalism Awards in London yesterday. I'm particularly pleased as I beat off competition from BBC News, The Guardian and The Telegraph. That's the 8th year straight I have been shortlisted at the event, and the 8th award I've picked up there over the years since it started in 2006. Sadly it wasn't for something published on DaniWeb (although I have won the same award in the past for a news story which I broke here) but rather an InfoSecurity Magazine investigation into the value of vulnerability data.

Back to reality today, with a bunch of deadlines to meet...

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, doesn't get any easier after twenty (plus) years but it stays as enjoyable which is the main thing I guess.

Well done, and congratulations!

Well deserved! You're really a shining star in your profession. We need more knowledgeable and down-to-earth reporting like yours.

Congratulations Geek, glad to see your passion about security

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