We used to have a Win 7 Pro pc running as a file server in our small office - 4 or 5 client PC's attached, all running Windows variants. This was fine, but after 5 years I decided to replace the file server before problems started developing. This is now an i7 processor, 8GB ram and 2TB hard drive running Windows 10 Pro, but throughput across the network has plummeted. No changes have been made to the network infrastructure so I am thinking that a bottleneck has been created with Windows 10.

I have created a batch file which moves a bunch of files from my laptop over the network to the new file server and then moves them back, and then from my laptop over the network to the old file server and back. To the new server and back is 13 minutes, to the old server and back is 2 minutes 50 secs. Both file servers are on 1Gbit network connection to a gigabit switch.

Does anyone know of a 'setting' or registry hack that could account for this lag? Is there anything you need to change when installing Windows 10 for a file server, rather than just a 'normal' client setup?

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I haven't seen this lag. But I have run into far too many instances where someone installs Windows (pick any version) and doesn't have a solid install plan. I take it by your post this is not a ready to use PC but one that was built.

Sorry if I have to guess here but the machine and install details are missing. I usually find the issue is drivers and what has been installed after the OS and drivers.

The PC was from a local independant shop rather than a national chain. It came as a pre-built system, I installed W10, and then installed the drivers from the CD's the shop had supplied. All drivers have installed correctly (to the best of my knowledge - at least none report errors). there are only a few apps installed - office, adobe reader, VPN for remote colleague - but there is nothing new that wasn't installed on the previous Win 7 setup.

There's a clue. I find drivers on CD to almost always be out of date. The VPN makes this one a custom. I can't guess what that does to the network performance.

I didn't broach this but another area that repeats is how the network and clients resolve IP addresses. I see nothing about that here but name resolutions can really take a toll.

Thanks rproffitt - this has given me some pointers and things to check

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Just to complete this article: I spent an evening wiping the new PC and installing Windows 7 Pro. First thing I did after setting up the OS was some speed tests and it was flying! Installed Kaspersky and the ping response fell through the floor. Don't know exactly what the problem was (i.e which setting on Kaspersky was causing the bottleneck) but I have uninstalled it and gone for another provider and all is well with the world!
Thanks to all who contributed