Anyone want a compaq proliant server

PII 266mhz (1 installed can be dual CPU) with 64mb ram
2x 2.1 gig SCSI swappable HDD'S

Warning: Boots up and all but the front door is broken and there is no feet etc...

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i want it. i could always use it for something. how much? and can you post a picture here too?


Do you have an email address?
I can send the pics to there

Its 233mhz PII (Upgradable to dual)
64mb RAM included
2x 2.1gb SCSI SWAPPABLE HDD'S (warning 1 may be broken)
NIC card
Additional ATI graphics card (old)
HP DAT8 Tape Drive
Have since found feet and door but DAMAGED - NO LOCK
Also have what i believe to be a remote insight/external scsi "mystery" card

Space for one more big disk drive and a floppy. Can sell this for cheap (under £50) and if necesarry i can include an old CRT for a little more. UK PICKUP ONLY (It would need to be sent on a pallet on a ship otherwise)

P.S the cpus and hdds are all under £20 on ebay. The whole thing is going there for between £25 and £100


It boots fine and i have a working fedora instillation on it (but its like version 1)


I would take it off your hands immediately. I am in need for a Linux Server. There is only one problem. 50UK? Lets talk US Dollars.


thats under $100 but sorry, i have sold it since then:( but there are lots of similar ones on ebay

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