For many years I was a loyal Firefox follower, and although impressed by the innovative technology of Chrome when it first came out, I didn't take it seriously. However, over the last twelve months Chrome and me have become quite inseparable. Wherever I am and whatever device I am using, Chrome is there along with my favourites and passwords, no matter what computer, tablet, or phone. (I only have one phone, but I think you catch my drift)

In the time I've been using it I've come across various extensions (plugins) that have made my research and writing via the web a walk in the park. (small caveat for UK-readers, a walk in the park on a day that isn't raining, and that's not a hyperbole)

These Extensions have been very useful to my surfing the 'net, are there any you would recommend, that you have found to be really useful?

Adblock Plus - Goes without saying really, the best Ad blocker there is.
Awesome New Tab Page - If you make this your default start page, has a Metro look to it.
OneTab - Just installed this today. If you usually have a lot of tabs open, this will consolidate them.
Tabs to the Front - When I open a new tab I want that tab to come to the fore. I'm surprised that chrome needed an extension to achieve this.

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I haven't explored Chrome extensions all that much, but here are a few that I use and like:

Grammarly Lite - "Smart" spellchecker.
Session Buddy - This is an extension to manage sessions (a collection of open tabs). It is nice because if you have to close all browsers or shutdown the computer, you can just save all your current tabs as a "session" which you can reload later (when you come back).

Just installed Grammarly Lite, thank you. I'd forgotten that I have Session Buddy already. I only enable it when needed, which is another great thing about Chrome's extensions - you don't have to restart the browser.

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