Can someone please tell me what the best or top IT career is? How can one get there?

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The best IT career is the one you enjoy. Degree & Certifications will get you up and started.

Are you an analytical person? Programming might be for you.
Do you like supporting sometimes hundreds of users and their cherished internet connection? Infrastructures & Networking might be for you.


And then there's always the business end of IT like what I do.

Thanx for da tip tip.The problem is i like them all datz why i want da best to choose.

Why not try Quality Improvement aka QA & Quality Control. I've been working in this field for nearly 2 years and it pays very well and is great as the jobs on offer vary from being at the business end to technical jobs.

There is nothing like best or top it career, someone maintains SAP, someone mobile phone, someone some other crap.

How do we know what interest us most? Is it by changing a few jobs?
How do we ensure the skills / certifications we learn is not outdated and always in need by the employers?

Hmm, for me...there are 4 category for ICT path.

1. Network / System Engineer ( you need extra paper, Cisco and Microsoft cert. etc)
-Try this if you like 'plumbing '

2. Software Engineer / Programmer (don't really need a cert, good memory, problem solution etc)
-Try this if you enjoy mathematics

3. Business Analyst / System Analyst ( need Oracle and SAP cert, sort of)
-Try this if you are good in English writting and good in 'arrange picture'

4. Web Developer (don't actually need any cert, can learn all tutorial from website and mostly book, sort of)
-Try this if you are creative enough

....every ICT career are same, just that we are assign to different responsibilities. Really depend on what you are capable of. Don't forget about experience too!

I'm in IT Infrastructure Support and its great if you have good analitical skills, like running around fixing stuff and getting 'hands on' with hardware.

There's no competition, be a programer/developer.


Because as a programer, you program the computer to do your job for you. Then you can hang around all day in cool sites like this instead and get paid into the bargain!

I mean c'mon; it's a no brainer!

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