Hey, I'm just a lowely uni student trying to make it through my first C++ course. I had hoped coming into the course that it would be similar to some Borland Pascal stuff I did a few years ago, but the language seems completely foreign to me. At least the BP coding was user-friendly! (I'm an English/History major...if something's not writtenin obvious language like "loop" (BP) instead of "for" or "while" etc, my brain doesn't like it) Haha took me a while to realize that 'cout' was 'writeln' etc. I mean...why 'cout'? At least writeln makes sense :rolleyes:

Anyways, enough of my ranting. I found this forum while I was surfing for C++ help, as I've been having troubles since our profs switched halfway through the course. I haven't been able to retain anything of the lectures.


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Wow, Borland Pascal. Is that the same as turbo pascal? I took a turbo pascal course and hated every bit of it. But there was something intruiging about the language... Anyway, welcome to the community I think your going to love it, I do so far although I'm new also. I hope things go better for you in that class, sounds tuff.


Thanks :) Hmmm, I'm not sure if it the same as turbo pascal; I've never heard of it.

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