I'm a newbie when it comes to forum tips... do you know any?

Tip one: Read announcements and 'stickies' before you start putting questions and comments up for view. You can avoid embarassment that way.

Tip two: Use the 'Search' function' after you've finished reading the announcements and stickies. Same reason!

ahh, yes, but that's common sense with us techies.. I meant things like codes, tags, strings. Sorry for not mentioning ^^'

Nothing coding wise, but I have some "other" tips...... (which may well be repeated in certain stickies and announcements.....so sue me!)

A tabbed browser like Mozilla makes browsing topics much easier (as opposed to say, opening multiple Windows for each thread in explorer).

When posting in a thread, note the date of the first post. If it's a thread you haven't see before, and the first post is from months ago, make sure you're not helping to resurrect a long-dead thread.

Emoticons can make a world of difference if your post could be interpreted as insulting by some people (but then perhaps you should consider rewording it?).

When replying to a thread, make a worthwhile contribution to it. Don't just agree with someone or laugh at a comment. Many people find this incredibly annoying, and classify it as spam. If you can't say something relevant, don't post. Your post count will rise, but people will think of you as a spammer.

Don't post massive images. Use a resolution of around 640x480 and keep the file's size under 100Kb. Some people are blessed with broadband, others must live with dialup. Consider those with limited quotas and outdated connection technologies when posting your next picture.

That's all I can think of for now......

Moderators are people who have been gracious enough to moderate specific forums or categories. They have permission to edit and delete posts in their respective forums. Super moderators are people who have moderating capabilities in every forum. Team members (also known as colleagues) are regular members who have been an enormous contribution to our community and deserve some extra recognition for all their help. Most colleagues are charter members who have stuck it out with us since Daniweb was founded.

As you're writing your post, and your message is getting bigger and bigger, select all (CTRL+A) then copy (CTR+C). This will copy your message into the clipboard. This is in case you've typed a long post, then accidently close the window, or go to a different web site accidently before you hit submit. It's happened to me many times!

how about this code?
[code.] something here [/code.]