First of all I want to point out that I dont mind people to look into my websites and get influnced and take some of the text or images it actually honours me. But when people just save my pages directly to their hard disk and change some logos and names and have basicly same pages i dont find it fair since i put a lot of effort in my pages and the worst was when somebody completly copied me and get one ranking higher than me without making any effort. I have seen some people stop this by not allow the "save as" function does anyone have any advices. I also now that there is a way to go around it but normally people who nows how to do that they are good enough to make their own websites so they dont need to directly copy my pages.

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you may have seen it. Theres a piece of javascript code that you just paste in and it stops people being able to right click. Its an option under "snippets" if you have dreamweaver. If not, im sure you can google for it

you can't really "stop" people taking content that you put out on the web, at least not by software... even if you use javascript to protect your images, there's nothing to stop a theif disabling javascript, or connecting to your site using a filesystem client rather than a browser.

disabling save as.. is impossible aswell for the same reasons... and because even if you DID disable save as, most browsers will automaically save content temporarily regardless of cache rules..

about the best thing you could do would be to generate your page entirely from javascript... that way there will be no physical document to save. but.. if your worried about pagerank, i doubt that's going to be much help to you in the long run...

the best thing to do is probably build up a list of who "steals" your content regularly and go through the intellectual property courts..

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Matt is damn right. No one can stop this. If they have to save images they could also Screen Captures too(another way this could be done).

As far is saving your pages is concerned, its very common. So as Matt said prepare a list of all who steal your work and go to court.

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